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Miami, Florida
United States

Jacqueline Pinto Jewelry is Independent Fine Jewelry company based out of Miami, FL . Our jewelry is made by local artisans and craftsmen in Miami, FL who have been in the industry with more than 30+ years.  Every design is handmade and casted locally.  Jacqueline personally picks out each and every stone, and ensures that every piece of jewelry crafted goes through inspection before leaving her showroom.  She only uses natural, fine quality gemstones, pearls and diamonds.   Her line consists of pieces made of mostly from 18k gold.  Jacqueline Pinto jewelry is recognized by clients as unique, sophisticated,  and with a touch of a light, whimsy feminine aesthetic. 

JP Large Cabochon Ring


JP Large Cabochon Ring


JP Large Cabochon Ring


JP large Cabochon ring made from 14k yellow gold in gorgeous Malachite is a beautiful statement ring that can be worn on the index, middle and ring finger.   Our preference is the index finger for this beauty, but we are sure you know how to wear it perfectly!

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