...is an Independent Fine Jewelry company based out of Miami, FL . Growing up, Jacqueline would go through her grandmother's fine jewelry box and then asks questions.  Her grandmother, with her great narrations skills, was able to tell her who designed each piece and how that piece was able to come to be at that moment in the jewelry box.  Learning not only about that jewelry piece, but about her family through these stories, she grew to love how jewelry was so representative of the people who owned it. This stayed with her since she was a small girl, so even after she graduated from college and embarked in a career completely unrelated to design, she couldn't help but find her way back to creating and designing.  For years, she would draw in her journals jewelry pieces that never came to be.  But, as luck would have it, the door was opened and Jacqueline took an apprenticeship with her professor who created the deep need of being able to express designs through fine jewelry.  Jacqueline has been able to study with some of the best, including the wonderful school of Van Clef and Arpels, L'ECOLE Van Clef and Arpels .  

However, being in the industry, she found a great need for great customer service and services that so many needed but never had the time to do.  She would go throughout Miami, looking for jewelry stores that she felt could carry her line, but found herself discouraged. She saw jewelry stores full of items with low quality and high volume.  Pieces of jewelry being sold to people that didn't provide the individualisms that pieces of jewelry should possess for their owners.  It was clear to Jacqueline that  this was not representative of the standards of which she wanted her jewelry pieces to be collocated with.  So, the idea of fine jewelry at a concierge level was created in a way that no one in South Florida can match.  Her designs and ability to relate to her clients is an experience in itself.  She is able to understand exactly what her clients need, and will not stop until she feels that she has really captured her client.  

We are so proud to say that all of our jewelry is manufactured locally in Miami, FL by manufactures who have been in the industry with more than 30+ years.  Every design is handmade and casted locally.  Jacqueline personally picks out each and every stone, and ensures that every piece of jewelry crafted goes through inspection before leaving her showroom.  She only uses natural, fine quality gemstones, pearls and diamonds.   Her line consists of pieces made mostly from 14k and 18k gold.  Jacqueline Pinto jewelry is recognized by clients as unique, sophisticated,  and with a touch of a light, whimsy, feminine aesthetic....

"I have often found myself mesmerized by the power of the past.  Although it does not have to dictate who we will become, we can surely learn from it.  I have always loved the pieces of jewelry that were handed down to me by my grandmother and now I have invested myself to make these pieces for other people.  I want my clients to know the great care, quality and love that goes into each and every piece that comes out of our studio. Our custom pieces warrant face to face meetings.  Please be sure to contact us for these pieces. Let's build pieces together." - Jacqueline Pinto