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From everyday pieces to statement ones, jewelry can be quite expensive, but it’s undoubtedly worth the investment as it has the power to completely transform your look and leave everyone dazzled. With dust, debris, and toxic substances in the air, it is hard to keep jewelry as alluring and stunning as the day you bought it. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You’d be surprised at how simple and easy it is to clean your jewelry and keep it looking as good as new.

Here are the ways to clean your jewelry effectively and make them look as good as new.

Invest in an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner*

One of the best ways to clean your jewelry at home is through an ultrasonic cleaner. These machines are built specifically to make your gold and gemstones shine like they did when you first bought them. The ultrasonic cleaner works by creating microscopic captivation bubbles that extract the dirt and contamination from your jewelry’s surface and make it look brand new.

A pure 24K Gold catches the eye and glimmers like nothing else in the world. However, it is more prone to scratching and getting dirty, which takes away your jewelry’s charm and beauty.

After some time, it becomes essential to clean your gold pieces, which you can easily do at home. Simply place your gold into the ultrasonic cleaner and watch the magic happen.

Ultrasonic cleaners are a small price to pay for the maintenance of your beautiful and luxurious jewelry. Most jewelry cleaners cost around $40 and come with a digital timer to make sure you don’t leave your pieces in for too long.

Silver Polishing Cloth

Another great product that you can invest in to keep your silver jewelry shiny is a silver polishing cloth. This product can be easily found, and with just a few seconds of use, you can eliminate the dirt, grime, and debris that may have accumulated on your precious pieces. Gently rub the cloth on your silver jewelry, and your pieces will automatically start to regain their shine and beauty.

Go Chemical Free

Gemstones such as diamonds are known as the epitome of beauty and grace and have the potential to transform your look completely. It’s a known fact that grease from our hands and overall dirt from our surroundings tend to diminish the real shine and beauty of a diamond.

If you’re a bit skeptical about using chemicals on your precious diamonds and other gemstones, you can always go chemical-free. There are plenty of chemical-free jewelry cleaning balms made out of natural ingredients, and the best part is that they do their jobs just as well as chemical-enriched ones.


By making small investments and choosing the right products, you can make your jewelry look brand new and beautiful for all of eternity. The best part about luxurious jewelry is that its true beauty never goes away; it is just hidden under the dirt and debris caused by our surroundings. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you can ensure your jewelry stays stunning forever.


*Ultrasonic cleaners CAN NOT be used for porous stones. Diamonds may become loose after too many washes.